Snail’s pace is the best pace…

I can no longer sit in front of the tv without doing something with my hands. So I have TWO cross stitch projects running and I’m about to start a third (once this one is done ). Currently showing on Netflix is Travelers, episode 2. It’s interesting, but I’m not sold on it. I’ll finish this episode then do some housework.

Currently working on a Jim Shore / Mill Hill project called “Tree” (duh, really?) And it’s killing me. The gaps are about to be filled with tiny, tiny, tiny beads. Once the gap on the right border is filled.

I actually love the way that the small red ?baubles ?holly berries look like lady bugs at the moment.

The beads will drive me crazy. I’ve done a Mill Hill project before, and I love the finished product but it takes so long….. 

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