Sometimes I hate the weekend…

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the absence of lunch making and morning stress, but I feel like I am more “myself” during the week.

On the weekend, DH is home so every decision of what to do requires the question “what will he think?” And then I usually do some housework 😢 So, in case you haven’t noticed, most of my stuff happens during the week when I don’t feel judged as much.

DH and I AREN’T in a good place at the moment. There are a lot of reasons, but I think I’ve finally grown tired of who I am when he’s around. And I’ve stopped cooperating with what he wants all the time. We’ve been together for 30 years, and tbh I’m over it.

I used the word “unpleasant” to describe my vision of life with him in retirement once the DDs move out. The word I WANTED to use was “horrifying“. Unfortunately, I have no income and the DDs need me.


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